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Education Zone

Science Zone

VAV Science zone is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs. We also have hands on training science kits for students and models to explain, explore and understand scientific concepts clearly. The Science lab is a place for learning, experimenting, exploring and relating theory to practical learning. It gives an opportunity to young minds to satisfy their science related curiosities.

Math Zone

The Mathematics Lab with rich and manipulating material is available for hands on training. Children learn mathematics and perform mathematical experiments & solve mathematical puzzles using the manipulating material. The Math Zone is activity center which helps Children in mathematical problem solving by self-exploration and discovery and makes math learning a happy experience.

Robotics Zone

Robotics Lab is equipped for a 21st century student hands-on science learning. Robotics model making is a platform which enriches and enhances Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This STEM activity based learning helps them to understand and prepare them for latest technological advancement and improves their higher order thinking skills.

Library cum Resource Center

VAV library is well equipped with Latest Books covering different topics science, fiction, Novels and Moral stories. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the libraries as important center for Learning.

Audio-Visual Room

Audio-Visual room equipped with sound and multi-media facilities. The A.V. Room is used for Audio Visual study of different subject like English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science and presentation by children.