The Gateway of innovations.

The world needs new thinking, Get ready..!

The best place for learning, The best place for enlightenment.

Increases competitive opportunities for students.

Focuses on all round development of students.

VAV school is home for more than 900 students. Learning at the VAV is student-centered and growth-oriented. We provide a world class education with state-of-the-art facilities for the holistic development of your child. Innovative and experiential teaching methods are used to make the learning process extremely effective.

Our Vision

Nurturing young minds to unleash their potential.

Our Mission

To Instill confidence, develop Creativity and mould the character of children and simultaneously transform them into a responsible citizens.

Top Reasons to Join VAV

First Google Chromebook lab in Tamilnadu

“VAV is like a secret garden. A beautiful place to learn and grow.”

CBSE Curriculum

1 to 12

Teacher Student Ratio


Spacious Classroom

WiFi Facilities


Language Enrichment Programme

Extracurricular Activities

Kickboxing, Judo, Western dance, Silambam, Skating, and many more