Extra Curricular Activities

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Extra Curricular Activities

Students are trained at a very young age to participate in all extra-curricular activities. These include inter-house competitions and inter-class competitions. The purpose of these extra-curricular activities is

1. To improve their skill in observation
2. To develop their powers of visual calculation or proportion about any object.
3. To develop technical skills
4. Experimenting with new techniques in different media
5. To develop a sense of imagination and creativity.

Co curricular activities:
• Art and Craft
• Music
• Flower arrangement
• Clay-modeling
• Rangoli
• Dance
• Gardening

Above activities provide students an opportunity to discover their talents in diverse fields with the right spirit.

Sports Activities

Extending education beyond the confines of the classroom, the school cultivates in students the values of team spirit, discipline and healthy competition through a variety of sports activities.

The school offers a well-balanced program of sports and physical education.

Physical activities offered including:
Basket ball
Long jump
Shot put
Table Tennis

House System
The House System is an integral part of VAV School aspirations for its students for this fosters a sense of belonging apart from striking a good balance between competition and co-operation. These houses form the basis of many sporting, artistic and intellectual challenges across the school.

The system functions with teachers monitoring their respective houses. Each house has a House Captain. The investiture ceremony which symbolizes their formal appointment is a solemn ceremony held in the first month of the academic year.

These prefects lead by example take on their mantle of responsibilities seriously and diligently believing us as we do that this is a preparation for future leadership roles.